Classic Car, Super Car, Race Car, Motorbike Storage

United Car Storage strives to provide the highest level of care for your cherished automotive assets, catering for drivers, collectors and investors. At United Car Stoage, we can accommodate both Short and Long Term storage to fit around our customers’ needs and requirements.

Our standard service includes:

  • Pre storage check report. This includes increasing tyre pressures to eliminate flat spots, checking all fluids, bodywork condition overview and mileage noted.

  • External Valet of every vehicle prior to storage. This eliminates salts and other contaminants that can cause damage to the aesthetic and structural integrity of your vehicle.

  • Bespoke Fleece-lined covers.

  • Monthly start-up and run to operating temperature, with tyre pressure and fluid level checks included in our premium storage option.


  • We can also provide Air Chambers for a small additional charge to keep your vehicle surrounded by filtered air 24/7. Our facility is large, airy and well ventilated.

Highly Secure, Discreet Storage

With automotive assets always appreciating in value, keeping vehicles safe is an obvious consideration. That’s why at United Car Storage, we have gone above and beyond to ensure cars in our care remain highly secure at all times.

Cars in our facility are protected 24/7 by monitored CCTV, Dual Comm Level 3 intruder alarms, anti-ram telescopic bollards and gated access. Our location is not readily disclosed, with viewing (pertinent to ownership and identity checks) arranged by appointment only.

We operate with utter discretion. Vehicles are never publicly showcased unless explicitly permitted by the owner.

Race Car Storage

United Car Storage is conveniently located just outside Colchester. 

With our transportation services, we can store your race car in the off-season, and have it ready to race at the circuit when you need it.

Vehicle Storage FAQ'S

Where is the storage facility located?

  • We are based just outside Colchester. For security reasons, we do not disclose our exact location publicly.

Will my car be insured while in storage?

  • Yes. Vehicles on our standard storage programs are insured up to £30,000, and vehicles on our premium storage programs up to £250,000 on our specialist trade policy. On request, insurance coverage can be increased pertinent to a sur-charge.

How many cars can I store at once?

  • As many as you like! We have capacity for up-to 140 vehicles. Please get in touch to discuss multi-car programs.

Is there a minimum storage period?

  • No. Clients are welcome to store their vehicles for as little or as long as they wish. Our programs are charged monthly unless agreed otherwise.

Do you offer collection / drop-off service?

  • Yes, through the means of our own transportation fleet.

Do you offer discounts for multiple cars?

How much do you charge?

  • It depends on the level of storage. Please refer to the ‘Pricing’ section of the ‘Storage’ page to view our storage programs and prices.

Are you VAT Registered?

  • Yes and a VAT Invoice will always be supplied .